Screen Printing


Screen Printing is our main service we offer. We screen print on t-shirts, pants, bags and many other forms of accessories and apparel. Screen Printing is a very technical process and you may not know a good print from a bad print. We want you to be satisfied not only with the shirt you purchase, but also the print on the shirt. We want to account for every detail on the shirt. Size of print, thickness of print, and the feel of the print.

With a variety of inks we provide plastisol, water base, and discharge printing. Plastisol is a ink that is cured on top of the shirt and leaves the thickest print and can be printed on a variety of garments. Waterbase is also like plastisol, but leaves a thiner layer of ink on top of the garment. Discharge will actually dye the shirt and leave no feel, but only works best with 100% cotton.