I always want to make things right with my clients. I like to make sure my products are as close to perfect as I can get them. Here’s a story for you....Well the other day I received a rush order from Dixie State University and I was extatic to receive an order from them. We put the order in on Tuesday so I could get the shirts in on Thursday so I could print them Thursday night. They needed them by Friday at noon so I got started on it. Before I got the shirts they sent me a screen shot of the artwork they wanted and I can’t do anything with a screen shot, but I didn’t want to bother with them not understanding which file to send me so I just recreated it. Well it turned into a huge mistake because I misspelled the word “special” and typed “specail” and I printed all of the shirts late Thursday night, and when I finished I posted it to my Instagram story and McKenzie Miller noticed the mistake and told me. I had never yelled and cussed so much in my life. 😅 I checked and rechecked the spelling in google and I think I must have deleted the one spelled right. 😓 so yeah, late Thursday night turned into early Friday morning. I called in sick at Costco and my brother helped me calm down and we went to Walmart to buy 25 still good, but not great navy shirts. They turned out good, but still very frustrating and money lost. It was an expensive lesson to learn. Now I need to create a check list for all of my orders and get more eyes on my products.